Monday, September 29, 2003

Dear all,

this is my new blog with blogger.com. I actually maintain one at 20six already. However, I thought I also need a base in the Anglo-American sphere of the Internet.

Check out some of my current projects here:
- Abebooks.de: Co-founder and still quite proud...
- iLove.de: Yes, it's dating. But this market is so damn inefficient... And don't forget to check out some of the cuties that would soften even Hans and Franz in our catalog of singles.
- myfriends.de: Another one I am currently working at is myfriends. It's also about dating, but not only. Check it out: It is about the new way of how to make friends... Maybe I will invite you into my network of friends - maybe...
- Alloncities.com: With a couple of other guys I am currently working on a regional portal for the US. Hopefully, end of January you will see the first results.
Poker Regeln: Poker rules are explained on this site rather easily in German.

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